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This page is designed to show all of the articles and the ads that were posted in magazines or even dealers showrooms. This should exemplify what Hodaka was.

There is a very special thank you to Jim Baumiller. Jim had recently sent in his collection of Hodaka memorabilia including articles and ads that he had neatly saved in a notebook in between plastic sheets. Jim asked that I share this with everyone to do with Hodakas and I am very happy and proud to be able to do so here.

This page will continue to grow and grow while we find the time to post more of the articles and ads that we find. So this page should be never ending. I personally think that some of this stuff is even better than finding a great looking Hodaka. I will start with what Jim has sent and then post all of our articles and ads that may be different from what we already have shown. I would also like to thank all the other people that have been so kind as to also send articles and ads to us. I hope you like the show!

Click on a link to view the ad or article.


"Baja and Back," Cycle World, December 1966

"BN Hodaka," Cycle World

"The Bullfrog," Cycle World

"The Class Clown," Inside Motorcycles, June 2009

"Hodaka 100cc Road Toad"

"Hodaka Ace 100," Cycle Guide, December 1968

"Hodaka for 1978 - There Are Still Bargains Around," Popular Cycling, 1978

"The Hodaka, Like the Volkswagen, Changes Ever So Slightly," 1968

"Hodaka Super Combat," Dirt Bike, December 1974

"Hodakability," Cycle World, March 1980

"HodakaTrike," Trail Bike

"It's Still a Trailbike Standard," November 1970

"Lives Up to It's Name: Super Rat Test Report," Cycle Guide, May 1970

"The Long and Short of Suspension," Motorcyclist, June 1978


"MR Honda vs Hodaka Thunderdog," Cycle World, July 1976

"Northwest Passage," Cycle, October 1976

"Notes From a Non-Donk: Pabatco, Oregon Trail Riding and the 250 Thunderpooch," Cycle, October 1976

"Now There Are Three Hodakas," February 1973

"Oregon Trail Ride," Trail Bike

"A Reed Valve Primer," Popular Cycling

"The Hodaka SS"

"The Super Rat: A Modern Cycle Roadtest"

"Super Rat vs. Baja," Dirt Bike, January 1972

"Tracking the Wild Air Leak," Dirt Bike, March 1979

"Trial Bikes on Trial"

"United States 125 Grand Prix," Popular Cycling

"Webco: Project Motocross"

"Whatever Happened to Hodaka?," Motorcyclist, October 1980

Ode to Hodaka
Ode to Hodaka by Peter Starr


Ace 90, 1966

Ace 100, 1968

Ace 100B+, 1971

Bonanza 1510MX

"Bonanza: The Winning MiniCycle"

"Choice of Champions"

Dirt Squirt, 1973

Hodaka Ad featuring Harry Taylor

"It's a Long Way to Monday Morning"

Mail Order Hodaka Items, 1970

Motorcyclist, December 1970

"Trail to Fun," 1977

"Welcome the Unexpected"


Hodaka Days
from Ty Karney's Chahalis Vintage Motocross. You can get a feel for what you will see when you attend.

Roger Lippiatt recorded this at Mid-Ohio in July of 2000. This is the year that Greg won the 125 Expert Race on the 'Wolverine.' The bike was a total team effort from Harry, Roger, Greg, and everyone else that wished us well!

Hodaka Folks Interview
Movie director and producer, Peter Starr taped this while I was interviewing some of the original Hodaka guys and gal at Mildred Miley's house in Athena. The questions are for the forth coming book we are now in the process of writing. Present are Mildred Miley, John Trommald, Jim Gentry, Marv Foster, Chuck Swanson, and Harry Taylor.

Bad Rock

from Pere Starr's movie, Bad Rock. This was a 400 mile, two day I.S.D.T. trial from 1973. Great footage of what was a very tough event. "...Most honest, intelligent film ever made about off-road motorcycling in America" (Cycle News). If you want to see Hodaka's, Penton's, Husky's, Rokon's, etc. this is for you!

Vintage Racing Zen

Hodaka Days 2011 Scrambles. Athena, OR