Hodaka Identification


Frame tag above the left rear shock for all Ace 90's and the 1968 Ace 100.

Frame tag on the steering head. Found on all models 1969 - 1978.

Frame letter and number on the gusset below the tank and on the left side. This should be found on all models from 1969-1978.

Motor letter and number are found on all Hodaka's on the front of the right inside case (in the photo number is highlighted in red for clarity). This is the clutch side of the bike.

You might notice that this new updated Hodaka Identification chart is slightly different than that of the one found in the new Hodaka Book by Ken Smith. Unfortunately the information we had provided to the books publisher inadvertently had gotten changed prior to being published. Please use this Identification chart found here on the Strictly Hodaka website in confidence knowing after exhaustive research this is the Identification chart we stand by.

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I receive many calls and emails from folks that do not specifically see their frame or engine number on the list. This list shows the beginning and the last number from a specific run of bikes. Your specific frame number will not be listed unless it was the first or the last bike of a production run. If your number is not listed don’t worry! For example, if your frame number is A-45928 you have a 1970 Ace 100B. I have been told this list can be a little bit confusing, however, I cannot see a way to make it any easier. If you have any suggestions please email me. Thank you. ~Paul

These are the beginning ID numbers for all the accessory engines sold by PABATCO. These engines carried their own number system from Hodaka motorcycle models.
We do not know the ending numbers.