Gasket Set- Super Combat-  Part# 972510 Airboot # 933605  Early  (chrome tank) Superrat Hodaka Hats
Hodaka Hats
Our Price: $24.50
Sale Price: $19.95
Fork Cap/seal set- 30mm forks Throttle adjusting spring - Hodaka Part#_VM2010 Tank Badge (1)- Chrome
Fork Cap/seal set- 30mm forks
Our Price: $39.95
Sale Price: $35.95
Tank Badge (1)- Chrome
Our Price: $41.95

At Strictly Hodaka® we have devoted many hours into building our website to make shopping easy and convenient for you. You can shop 24/7 for Hodaka parts, apparel, and memorabilia using our online Hodaka Parts Schematics. We ship worldwide daily. 

I am very fortunate that whenever I start to remake a part I send the idea to select original Hodaka Pabatco® employees. We look to improve even the smallest of parts, which PABATCO originally refused to do. Now we are making what Harry Taylor, head of Hodaka Research and Development, wanted to see from Hodakas 30 years ago. It makes it fun for all of us when we can work together for the best interest of the motorcycles.

I hope that in some small way we have been successful in keeping Hodaka's Motorcycle brand alive! Thank you for support over the years

- Paul Stannard