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Gas Tank Foam Rubber Pad-  Part# 939518 719000 - Fuel tank - 250 ED Hodaka Gas Tank - Clarke
Hodaka Gas Tank - Clarke
Our Price: $252.95 no
Sale Price: $241.95
Savings: $11.00
Billet Gas Cap- Clarke Tanks-  Part# 9009CLB Rear Fender Mud Flap- Ace 90-  Part# 908651B Gas Cap Gasket-  Part# 909010
Tank Collar-  Part# 909013 Tank Washer-front-  Part# 909014 Fuel Tank Washer set (8)- front and rear-  Part# 909014B
Fuel Tank Washer-Rear-  Part# 909015 Fuel Tank Washer set (4)-rear-  Part# 909015A Petcock-Brass early style-  Part# 909016
Petcock- Clarke Tanks-  Part# 909016CL Gas Cap and Gas Cap Gasket-  Part# 949009A Gas Cap Gasket-  Part# 949010
Petcock- New & Improved(indiv.)-  Part# 949016 PETCOCK-  New ! Potmetal pair of 2-  Part# 949016A Petcock- all 1974 and up models-  Part# 979016
Petcock- pair-  Part# 979016A Petcock- individual-  Part# 999016 PETCOCK -pair-  Part# 999016A
Tank Badge Set of 2- Chrome Tank Grommet Black Case Paint-
Tank Grommet
Our Price: $4.95
Black Case Paint-
Our Price: $14.95
Hodaka Red Paint pint- Not frame red Paint- Hi Heat Flat Black "Super" Tank Orange-pint
Paint- Hi Heat Flat Black
Our Price: $14.95
"Super" Tank Orange-pint
Our Price: $33.95
Super Combat Blue Paint- pint Road Toad Green Paint- pint Hodaka Part#_019000 - Fuel tank (red)
Hodaka Part#_019018 - Fuel line Hodaka Part#_029019 - Fuel cock adapter - Hodaka Part# 719012 - Fuel tank rubber mount
Hodaka Part#_719017 - Fuel cock adapter gasket -Hodaka Part# 719019 - Fuel cock adapter Hodaka Part#_829018 - Fuel line
-Hodaka Part#909232 - Rear drum bearing spacer Hodaka Part#_909233 - Rear hub shaft collar - Hodaka Part# 999008 - Fuel tank filler cap assembly (3, 4)
Tank Badge (1)- Chrome 909011 - single 909011 - Single tank badge
Tank Badge (1)- Chrome
Our Price: $41.95
909011 - single
Our Price: $41.95
PETCOCK- Brass set of 2-  Part# 909016A Hodaka Red Paint pint with Sprayer - Not frame red Super Combat Blue Paint with Sprayer- pint
Road Toad Green Paint with Sprayer - pint Hodaka Part#_029000 - Fuel tank (green) USED Hodaka Part#_039000 - Fuel tank (red) USED
- Hodaka Part# 719008 USED - Fuel tank filler cap assembly (3, 4) 01- Item# /Fig.Q - Hodaka Part# 719000 - Fuel tank - 250 ED 250 ED Gas Cap USED
250 ED Gas Cap USED
Our Price: $29.95
979000U Used Super Combat/ Super Rat (98) Tank Rickman Hodaka Tank Rickman Hodaka Airbox
Rickman Hodaka Tank
Our Price: $500.00
Rickman Hodaka Airbox
Our Price: $250.00
Rickman Hodaka Front Fender Rickman Hodaka left Side Panel Rickman Hodaka Right Side Panel
Rickman Hodaka Seat Base Super Rat Airbox assembly- used
Rickman Hodaka Seat Base
Our Price: $150.00