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Trond Flood from Norway

Our good friend. Dan Killian's great looking Steen's!

This absolutely gorgeous Wombat is enjoying it's life in and around Sydney, Australia. I have had the great pleasure to have ridden this beauty.
One of the nicest Wombat's I have seen in Oz! The owner, Ken
Smith, from VMX magazine fame, sure enjoys taking the bike for a ride every now and again.

It's a '71 Super Rat as I started my racing career on. I finished her a couple weeks back. She turned out pretty nice!

"Makes me drool just remembering the day. '73 was good year for me. Men were men, and they rode Hodakas." ~Dan Guerry
Amen, Dan. Very well said and very good job!

David Besdesky's model (94A) Wombat just won 1st place ribbon in the 2 stroke extravaganza in Los Angeles. Congratulations!

Mark Hall's great looking 250 ED!

Before & After: Bruce Kohen's stunning Super Rat (93B)

I don't think that you have nearly enough Road Toad pictures in your gallery! Thanks again for keeping those needed parts available.
~Tom Boone

Old Motorcycle Shop, Canada

Ron Flick and his fleet of cool-looking Hodakas!

Sent from a friend who found these photos on a Japanese website- GREAT bike!!

Paul thanks for all your help!! My son Joe's first time ridding the ace!!!!! ~Jeff
Jeff, it is photos like this that make what we do all worthwhile. Great shots. Thank you! ~Paul

Friend, neighbor, and all-around great guy, Ivan Beattie, tearing up Unadilla on his 100cc Road Toad for the win in the Expert 100cc Class. You go, Ivan!

Gregg, you should be very proud of this beauty!!

Great before and after (40 years later) of Jim Brown and his Hodaka's. Jim this is a cool shot!

Thanks Paul! This is my first Hodaka in over 25 years. Previously I would Scrounge the countryside and classified ads hoping to find anything for my Ace 90 or Road Toad. Unlike parts suppliers for other vintage things I've collected over the years, your pricing is shockingly reasonable and makes me want to amass and fix up more bikes. Thanks, I'll be back for more. ~Chris, Tacoma, WA

Victor Lioce has spent a lot of time and effort as seen to make one great looking ride!

Scott Peatman's really clean looking and running Hodaka's - 1976 (03) Wombat and 1977 175SL. Great job, Scotty!

Here's the final product on the 1973 Wombat 94A. Being a commercial photographer we put it in the studio for some fun shots! Also included are some before pictures. I found the bike in the proverbial barn in grim (to say the least) shape. It appeared to have a racing past, and even had Preston Petty Fenders and a GEM Reed. So I decided to make it a vintage MX/cross country racer. Mods include total rebuild, R Piston, Combat head, pipe, porting, 28mm carb, progressive rear suspension, seat, even refurbished Preston Petty Fenders, and other "secret stuff!" I haven't ridden a Hodaka for over 40 years (I was the Parsons, Kansas, Hodaka/Maico Dealer back in the day!) This has been a fun project and the bike is plenty strong as I remember them. I'm looking forward to a few events this fall. What Fun! ~Max Good
Max you did magic with what you started with!!! What an absolutely fantastic job!! Great looking ride you have.
Thank you for sharing these photos!

I know firsthand just how great it is to see a fully restored bike that is this rare of caliber and to give a restorer an idea about how these things looked. This is a 1972 Steen X100 I restored back in 2006. Took me over 6 months just to acquire the parts needed for this rebuild. I made the tank decals because I just couldn’t find any and traded them for parts. I found the bike in a friends back yard and you could stand the rusted chain up in the corner of the garage. It was in pretty sad shape. The tank decals were so sun bleached I could barely even make out the Steen name. I really had nothing to go on but the Hodaka name. Thanks Paul! If I hadn’t have found your website I would have never had completed this project. ~David Bray
David, thank you for allowing us to help with this project! I think your bike looks better than the new one we have in the museum!

Rod Reed's very fine early Super Rat!

Got it done! Thought I would share these photos with you. I had the Model 94 Wombat as a kid. Lot of great memories with that bike and wanted to find one to restore. I found this one in Franklin, NC. The original owner was a farmer and used this bike to heard his cattle. Of course it has been sitting in a barn for years. This was a 100% restoration. Powder coated the frame and parts. Total rebuild of the engine and wheel hubs/spokes by Dave Rozier. Restored all chrome parts. All rubber parts were replaced. I would like to thank you and Bill Cook (Hodaka Parts) for being there to help with all of the parts needed for this project. Feel free to share these photos. Thanks! ~David Moore
I am sure I can speak for Dave and Bill when I say we are all proud to have played a small part in this project!

Dale Dvorak's stunning Combat Wombat! Cannot wait to see it in person at Hodaka Days!

My recent complete restoration of a replica of my first bike, a 1971 B+ only this one is special!
I like to think of it as the Ace 100 Hodaka SHOULD have built! Along with being visually correct in every way at first glance,
this one features a Greg Watkins prepared Super Rat motor and a 3.50 rear tire, hence, the Super B+ reference!
I'm now in the process of building a replica of my highly modified Super Rat racer from the early '70's,
complete with Bultaco forks and laid down shocks just like the original! ~Steve Stavrakakis
I do not think the brand new original Ace 100B+ we have in the museum looks this good. Great job!

I finished a three year frame up restoration of the first motorcycle I ever road. It stayed in my garage for 30 years and I finally started the project. I just wanted to say thank you. Without your help, great website, and great service I could not have done it. I started three years ago with your identification chart and went from there. I'm sure you have records of all the parts I bought from you. Thank you so much! ~Reid
We are very pleased to have helped in a small way to resurrect this beautiful bike!

Adam Wright from Australia has a fantastic collection of Hodaka's he has restored and rides. What a great job, Adam!

Tom Boone's 1975 Road Toad

Here's another shot from 1974 of me on my tricked out Super Rat. Even with all 6'3" of me onboard, that little thing flew!
~Steve Stavrakakis

Dean Diebel's Ace100B+

1974 Hodaka Challenger Trials Bike

Restored Super Rat from Mike and Becky Hall in Metropolis, IL

My good friend and one of the earliest Hodaka dealers, Clarence Taber.
He is with some of his many trophies and his trusted race bike!

Mike Ellis' Steens

I think you might like this photo of me racing my long travel Super Rat back in the day. It was a one-of-a-kind. You might not know about this bike. ~Ken Elliott

Pat Ferrell's Ace 100 that he flat tracked back in the late '60s.

I entered my 1970 Hodaka Ace 100B and 1974 Hodaka Super Combat 125MX in 2013 Quail Motorcycle Gathering in Carmel Valley at Quail Lodge. These were the first Hodakas on the show field in the five years of the event. Both bikes were very well received, the Ace put a lot of smiles on peoples faces along with many stories of Hodakas. Many people had never seen a Super Combat 125 before; it was very popular with the folks in the off-road class. Thank you very much for your help with the parts for these bikes. With your help both bikes were completed and shown as they would have left the factory. I am now riding the Ace around town, the Super Combat has never been ridden since the restoration was completed. ~Chris Miller

Check out pictures of my 1960s Short Tracker which was raced very successfully (SE Kansas 125 Champion – 1971). It started as an Ace 90, later we did step it up to a 100cc. It had lengthened swing-arm, cush sprocket, Ceriani forks, Girling shocks, one of the very few close-ratio five speeds, bladed rod, needle transmission bearings, reed valve with 32 amal, spool front, 18s both ends, compression release, custom pipe out of our shop (Good's Cycle Shop), straight-cut gears, and on and on...I did a museum grade restoration on it and it hangs in my living room today (actually better than it ever looked!) ~Max Good

I'm a new collector just getting my first Hodaka motorcycles last week. I have been looking for a project for quite some time now and finally by posting a local craigslist ad found these beauties only 5 miles from my home. They are a pair of 1970 Ace 100B models bought new by a husband and wife in Harlowtown, MT in 1970. They stopped riding them in 1989 and parked them in their garage. The tanks had been drained. They still have the original tires on them and not even a weather check. 537 miles on the wife's and 1,386 on the husband's. Only ridden on mountain roads. They are completely stock and original right down to the unopened tool kits and the undertank air pumps that have never been used. it is truly an unbelievable find. I am also in the process of procuring 3 1973 Wombat 125s that the original owner has in his storage. These are similar finds. I will be bringing all 5 bikes out to the 50th Hodaka Days in 2014. ~Clint Pullman

Matt Glascock's very nice Super Rat with work done by Hodaka Dave.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (right) ~Tore
Tore owns the only Hodaka I know of in Norway!

This is Claudio's bike, from Fiera Novegro, Italy. It is one of a very few Hodaka bikes in Italy, and it is a beauty!

Here are a few pictures from my Mom's birthday party, and the reveal. The day was perfect and the party was to. My Mom was overwhelmed and at one point said, "I thought I would never see it put back together." In one picture you'll see a shadow box that we put together, it includes: the original title, registrations from 1965-1967, the original tank emblems, gas cap, and mud flap. In addition there are pictures of each of us kids, as well as my Mom and Dad on the bike when it was new. Again I want to thank you and your team for your assistance and guidance throughout the project, I could never have accomplished it without your help.
~Steven D. Knisley, Hodaka Club Member #500
I just wanted everyone to know that Steve rebuilt his Dad's Ace 90 from the ground up. His dad has passed, but it was sure a great joy for his mom to see it finished. Steve, we are so proud of you!

A couple of pics from Arizona ACP of my completed Super Rat. Thank you for your help. ~Robert Loveless

Here is a recent picture of my grandson, Jack on a Hodaka Ace, as raced here is the 1960s - it had an Atlantic head, copy of factory exhaust, etc. ~Colin from Australia

This photo was sent from my great friend Diane Watkins, of her husband and my buddy, Greg Watkins. The text says it all - "too much fun!"

Here is my 98 race bike. I just love the look with the Tony D front, Clarke YZ tank and stock rear fender. The motor on this bike is stock and it sports the HT2 pipe I purchased from you nearly 4 years ago. ~Mike James

Thanks for all your help, advice and patience. It's finished and back on the road and trails. Rode it 15 miles even though it was under 40 degrees and smiled the whole time. Here are a couple pics of the finished project.
Great work, Kary!

Mark Hall from Oklahoma with his beautiful Thunderdog! George Cone has done work on this great looking and running bike for Mark. No wonder he is smiling!

Our good friend and Hodaka Club member coordinator Bill Chapman has done one heck of a great job on his newly restored model (03) Wombat.

My "new" 1977 250 SL. The Preston Petty fenders that I got from you, really complete the restoration. Thanks so much for making these available. I know the tank was originally white, but I prefer the red. So there it is (my apologies to the Hodaka purists). I had the frame powder coated with RAL # 5011 (steel blue) which I found to be a very close match to the original color. The bike runs great, and I was only able to complete this project because all the quality parts that you have to offer. Thanks. ~Tom

1974 Super Combat, 1973 Wombat, and an early Super Rat; all restored by Mike Hawkins.

The Dirt Squirt performed beautifully! It happily trucked up and down every rough trail and mountain pass. Thanks a bunch! ~Laurie
Laurie what a great photo! Even with your full face helmet and goggles I can see your smile.

Jeffrey A. Troup of NJ has one great looking Super Rat!

98 Super Rat and a couple of 94 Wombats. My Ace 90 will hopefully be ready to join the others for a picture by springtime.
~Dale Dvorak
Dale we are very proud and honored to show the world these great looking bike !!!Thanks for flying the Hodaka flag tall.

Aleko Sotiriades shows us this trick looking Super Combat which he owns and rides. WOW! Great Job Aleko!

1972 Wombat by Dave Hansen

Thanks again Paul for all your help. My father in-law loved the bike. He said he did not think it would ever run again. ~Mike
Mike great job on getting the bike ready ! We are very proud to have been able to help.

Jack "Jackie" Irons new bike!

Irons racing in 2012!

Irons moments after winning the 1970 world championship (left), and in Indian Dunes CA, 1972 (right).

A new chain and a little tuning and it's done! I tried starting it today, and brrraaapppp! ~Sean

Thanks for your help Paul, finally completed the project! Sean Riley

Motocross Great Gary Bailey's personal restoration and bike ! A copy of his Steen's Desert Racer he raced as a young man.

Chris Malam (VMX Magazine UK correspondent) trying to fit his 6'5" frame onto Ken Smith's original Wombat at the Classic Dirt 8 event (2011).

I thought I'd share a pic of my '73. The pic is a few years old. But the bike's been restored, is ridden and cosmetically maintained as best I can for a bike that still sees trails and dirt. ~Roger, Austin, Texas

Here are photos of my 1968 Hodaka Ace 100 project I completed. I would like to thank you and your staff for all of your assistance. The bike turned out better than expected. I started with a one owner bike with 653 miles, but needed everything. I either painted, powder coated, re-chromed or replaced with a new item. It was a little more expensive than planned, but the finished project was well worth it. This was my 1st motorcycle which I ended up racing both flat track and motocross with in central PA in 1968. I was only 11, but did OK against the Yamaha's of that period. Thanks again. ~Tom Mohnal

Photo of a young but talented Dylan Vanhorn. The smile tells the entire story. 100% original, Dylan rode between 20 and 50 miles each day for a week. Stonyford, CA. Southern Mendocino Nat’l forest.

Just rode it to Newcastle about a 100 miles north of Sydney and back. Heavy rain all the way back but I stayed dry, top stuff, mate. ~Keith Botterill, Sydney, Australia

Chris Morris' beautiful restoration is almost complete! What a beauty!

Model 98 build. The only pars that made it across from the donor bike were the frame, motor (with carb, CDI and coil) and rear wheel assembly. Fenders, seat cover and foam, Progressives, HT2 pipe, handle bars and cables are all Strictly Hodaka! ~Mike James

In the mid '70s we had a large riding area that was about 50 yards from Bonnett Cycle in Cedar Rapids, IA. Bonnetts sold Maico, CZ and Hodaka. Pretty convenient for kids without driving licenses. These photos from back in the day might bring back some memories for some of the readers. The photos are of the B+, the Combat and #853 Combat. Most of these photos are at either a 4 hour hare scrambles at Iowa City or a motocross at Wendy Oaks Racetrack near Stone City, IA. ~Dan Van Woert

A nice example of our Preston Petty Fenders on Chris Oliver's bike in the UK.