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USED Tail Light Lens
Our Price: $23.00
Used airbox assembly for the (93) Super Rat. Comes with new filter and Super Rat airbox decal. Dent in side, see picture. "As is" Used but in excellent condition early Ace 100 (92) pair of shocks. "as is" Taillight lens for the Road Toads, 94A Wombat,(03) Wombat, 250 SL and 175SL models. Good condition except a crack in the plastic on the underneath side. Super Glue should easily fix this. "as is"
Road Toad Airbox- USED
Our Price: $86.95
Ace 100 Cylinder- USED
Our Price: $207.00
Exhaust pipe for a model Combat Wombat. Surface rust and a minor ding in the back chamber where it clears the carburetor. Pipe solid and sound. Does include the spark arrestor. "As is" Used Road Toad airbox cover and backing plate. "As is" Ace 100 cylinder still good tight std. bore. "As is"
Ace 90 rear fender- USED
Our Price: $115.00
Wombat (94) exhaust pipe. Surface rusted and will need to be cleaned and painted but the metal is not compromised at all. Exhaust flaired end good an as is the nut. Heat shield used but in good shape. Includes spark arrestor. "As is" Combat Wombat Clutch Assembly. Five original organic fiber discs with four steel plates. Good condition. Fits Wombat, Super Combat, Super Rat etc.. "As is" Ace 90  rear fender. Specific for the 1964 and early 65' Ace 90's. This is the long single rear fender. Has a bend as seen in the photos but should be easily fixed in a vise. "As is"
Tool Box w/clips- used
Our Price: $28.95
Chrome Shocks- used
Our Price: $109.95
Rear Hub Shaft- used
Our Price: $13.80

Used tool box body with tool box clips for the Model Ace 90, Ace 92, Ace 92B, Ace 92B+, 94 Wombat, 99 Road Toad, 02 Dirt Squirt and the 03 Wombat. . "as is"

Aftermarket chrome shocks with similar look OEM Kayaba/Hodaka shocks. 13 1/2" eye to eye . "as is"
Used but good condition rear axle (Rear Hub Shaft). "as is"
Upper Coil- used
Our Price: $114.95
Reed Valve Assembly- used
Our Price: $110.95
TT Seat Assembly- used
Our Price: $230.00
Used but has been serviced and tested to be perfectly good.. "as is" Used but has been inspected to be perfectly good.Reed pedals look to be in great shape.
Specific for the Super Combat, Super Rat (98), Road Toads, Dirt Squirt (01) and (03) Wombat.
"as is"
Original Hodaka TT Seat assembly . There are two small puncture holes along with four minor pin holes but overall because of the rarity and age this is in good condition. Comes with mounting brackets.This is the only we one we have to offer.
"as is"
Super Combat/Super Rat (98) Air cleaner Body-used.Good condition with no cracks or breaks in the metal pan
"as is"
Muffler heat shield for Ace 100B, B+ and (94) Wombat. Rusted but no dents.
"as is"
Tail and Stop light assembly- used. Overall good condition. No chips or cracks in lens. Bulb is good and wires are not compromised
"as is"
Ace 100 Tool Kit Assembly with bag. Bag is missing a snap. Tools are in original bags but have seen some moisture and some are rusted.
"as is"
Used Chrome Tank Dirt Squirt (96) rear fender. Has a small krinkle at the very bottom back of the fender as seen in the photos. This is the only one we have left.
"as is"
Used rear fender with extra holes and dents for a Ace 100B and B+. This is the only one we have left.
"as is"
Ace 100 cylinder still good tight std. bore.Comes with new head and base gaskets "As is" Used Ace 100 cylinder head in good condition Early Ace 90 taillight lens.Specific for the 1964 and early 1965 models. Could be new but has very minor shelf wear. "As is"
Ace 90 rear fender- USED
Our Price: $79.95
Handlebars- USED
Our Price: $17.95
Ace 90 inner rear fender. Specific for the late 65',66 and 1967 Ace 90's. This is the longer of the two parts of the rear fender assembly. Very good condition. "As is" Used Wombat ( chrome tank) airbox cover, K&N used filter,inner cover and backing plate. "As is" Handlebars that are rusted but are straight.Wombat, Dirt Squirt, Toads, Super Combat,Super Rat (98) and Combat Wombat "As is"
Hodaka Part #973008U - Used coil Hodaka Part#_VM2802 - Mixing chamber body Hodaka Part#_VM2826 - Float chamber body
Super Rat cylinder ( +.40) comes with intake manifold and screw on exhaust flange. Bottom of right transfer port has a small chip . No crack in cylinder or transfer port. sold "As is" Hodaka Part#_953008 - USED Ignition coil (IG4135) USED Hodaka Part #998921 - Throttle housing
Hodaka Part#_033603 - Air cleaner cover Hodaka Part#_033604 - Air cleaner element cover USED Hodaka Part#_923608 - Air cleaner mounting bracket
USED Hodaka Part#_943601 - Air cleaner body USED Hodaka Part#_949015 - Air cleaner holder Hodaka Part #999030 - Rear carrier rack USED
Hodaka Part#_999051 - USED Oil tank Hodaka Part#_704010U - Clutch hub USED USED # 932500

Superrat Cylinder .+40 over
USED Hodaka Part #972501 - Cylinder head USED - Hodaka Part# 619050 - Oil tank assembly (42/44) USED -Air Cleaner Mouth Piece
Head light Shell fits:
Ace 90
68' Ace 100
Turn Signal Lens - amber Hodaka Part #929343- Headlight body USED
Hodaka Part#_949325AU - Used Headlight Bracket Set Hodaka Part#_949454_51U - Lens base USED Assembly Hodaka Part #999050 - USED Oil tank assy. (56/58)
USED but good shape
Chain Guard USED. May be scratched or need repainting. Overall good condition. Ignition coil (IG4135) Ignition coil (IG4135)
Ignition coil (IG4135) Ignition coil (IG4135) Ignition coil (IG4135)
Rear carrier rack Oil tank assembly (56/58) Oil tank
Rear carrier rack Oil tank assembly (60/62) Oil tank
Ignition coil (IG4135) Oil tank assembly (34/36) Oil tank
Used C.D.I. Ignition coil (IG4135) Rear carrier rack
Oil tank assy. (56/58) Oil tank USED PART - Speedo Drive Unit
Throttle housing assembly Taillight Assembly minus the lens. The ground wire is missing the male lead. "As is" Front Fork handleplate assembly. Good but used "As is"
Throttle Housing assembly- not painted used. This is set up for the throttle and oil pump cables.For all the Hodaka oil injected models . Very Good but used condition."As is" Front fork assembly specific for the following models ( 92B,92B+,93, 93A, 93B, 94,94A,95 and 96). Chrome is very good. Dust cap good condition also."As is" Spark Arrestor housing. No guts included. Comes with chrome straps and mounting bracket for the 250SL."As is"
License plate bracket specific for the Ace 100 models."As is" Front Backing Plate. 250's and 175SL used."As is" Rear Backing Plate Assembly- used.Specific for the non-cushioned hubs like Ace 90, Ace 100 , Ace 100B and Super Rat (93)."As is"
Twist Grip Pipe- used
Our Price: $14.95
Combat Wombat Airbox- used
Our Price: $143.95
Passenger Footpegs pair- used-"As is" Twist Grip Pipe original- used-"As is" Combat Wombat airbox assembly used. This does not include the outer cover gasket nor does this include the inner cover. "as is" condition
#973030U - Used C.D.I.
Our Price: $126.95
#973007U - Used rotor
Our Price: $57.95
#973000U - Used assembly
Our Price: $413.95
Used C.D.I. Used rotor Used Magneto assembly
Used Nicked Super Rat Frame + Swing arm B-41466 Used airbox assembly specific for the 1969/70' Hodaka Super Rat's. This comes with the original but used screen with new air element ,cleaning and oiling element decal and airbox decal. Small dent to the outside of airbox but an easy fix.